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Monday, October 27, 2014

Lana del Rey Washed Out, Paracosm cover


Ever since I heard blue jeans I fell in love with that song, but didn't really look more of Lana del Rey. This month I started looking for her music on Spotify and I hit jackpot! I love Born to die, even though I get scared of most of the songs and the vive alongside the album is really dark and creepy imo, but I love the melodies and her voice. In the list below you can find my faves! - a.k.a. the one's I usually keep on loop XD


Eric introduced me to Wardruna last month, they are a - quoting wikipedia - musical project based on Nordic spiritualism and the runes of Elder Futhark, all in all is what I imagine vikings would be listening to! Each album is based on a set of runes and it's basically really good music to get focused or just relax! I've been loving getting them on background when at work.


I first found out about this album at a store! I saw the album and I thought it was gorgeous, and that I might even like the music - without having an idea whatsoever of what it sounded like, haha, like when you see a book and think it would be really awesome just for it's cover!. Then browsing through Spotify one day I found that cover, and I couldn't but to open it, and I really loved it! Again, really good music with beautiful melodies to get focused on something or to just relax.


I am a lover of most branches of metal, but specially power metal - think barroque music meets metal, it's the best way I can describe it! Unisonic was founded by Michael Kiske - former Helloween singer -, one of my all time favorite singers and one of the first I listened to - through Helloween - when I discovered metal alongside with Stratovarius, Blind Guardian and Edguy amongst others. Their first album was more on the heavy metal end, but their last one - Light of Dawn - is a whole ode to power metal, and I instantly loved it!


I've liked The Offspring since my mid teens, when I became interested in more punk rock music and found The Offspring and Blink-182, they don't disappoint! This past week I thought about them and was browsing through their latest albums - since I hadn't listened to anything new of them since 2003, and stumbled upon this album. I loved it, as it usually happens with them, but I specially got stuck with 'You're gonna go far, kid' and I've had it on loop for the past 3 days at work XD

What have you been listening to lately?

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